Unbundled legal services is a way of describing how lawyers can represent clients in a limited manner. Traditionally, if a lawyer represented you, she was retained to manage your entire case from beginning to end. Today's legal market has changed such that clients may choose to hire a lawyer for one specific purpose and pay only for the one service provided, instead of paying a large retainer to manage an entire case.

If you would like to retain me to help you with just one aspect of your case, I will charge for just that service. If there are documents which need to be prepared for the court, they may be prepared for you in Pro Per or with me as your attorney for just that piece of the case. I can also appear on your behalf at the court. For any documents that will be submitted to the court in my name or appearances that I will make on your behalf, all you need to do is sign a Notice of Limited Scope Representation and a Substitution of Attorney. Once the legal task is completed, you will sign another Substitution of Attorney. I will prepare these documents for you.

Examples of Unbundled Services

Preparing a Complaint, Cross-complaint or an Answer to a Complaint.

Preparing a brief and/or attending a mediation, arbitration
or settlement conference

Propounding or responding to discovery requests.

Filing or responding to noticed motions (including Summary
Judgment and Summary Adjudication), ex parte hearings and Request for Order.

Pretrial preparation, including Trial Readiness Conference & Motions in Limine.

Appearing at a deposition.

Preparing a Declaration of Disclosure.

Preparing or reviewing a Judgment or Marital Settlement Agreement.

Sending a letter to reach a resolution of your dispute.

Reviewing a contract.

This is not an exhaustive list. Because I take cases from beginning to end for general civil matters, personal injury and family law, I can unbundle any aspect of your case. If you do not see your specific need listed, please contact me and I will tell you how I will help you.